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Let's turn Bay County into the official Arts county of Florida!

Next time you renew your license plate, get an Arts tag to show the world that you support the Arts! ​Get a tag and then tag others on social media (or another method) to pass the challenge on.


Not only will you have one of the most unique tags in the country, but you will also be supporting the development of the Arts in Bay County.


The $20 fee for the Arts tag goes directly to Bay Arts Alliance. We then use that money to support Arts programming and education across Bay County.


Once you get your tag or make a pledge to get one the next time you renew, spread the word! Tag 3 friends on social media and challenge them to support the arts through an Arts tag. ​


How much does the Arts license plate cost?

The Arts license plate costs $20 more than a regular plate.

Why should I buy an Arts license plate?

When you purchase an Arts plate, you are giving more than monetary support of the Arts. You are making a public statement that the Arts are important.


The Arts improve quality of life for everyone in the county and attract new businesses to the area. The Arts beautify cities and inspire innovation. The Arts are key to creating a healthy, diverse county, but investment in the Arts is often a last priority for local and state governments.


By purchasing an Arts plate, you are showing local and state governments that you understand the value of the Arts and support funding for the growth of the Arts in Bay County.


Let's make Arts license plates the norm in Bay County and turn our county into the official Arts County of Florida.

Where do the fees for the Arts licenses go?

The $20 fee for the Arts plate goes directly to Bay Arts Alliance. We are then able to regrant the money to arts organizations in the county and use it for arts programming and education across the county.

How do I purchase an Arts license plate?

When you renew your registration, tell them you want to replace your current license plate with a "State of the Arts" plate. You can purchase your license plate by mail, or in person at one of the tag offices in Bay County

Who can buy Arts license plates?

Anyone who has a currently registered Florida auto, truck, or trailer may order Florida Arts License Plates. 


If you have a business with a fleet of vehicles, we encourage you to purchase the Arts license plate to support the Arts. Supporting the Arts helps improve your employees' quality of life. Putting an Arts tag on all of your vehicles is a great way to show them you care!

Do I have to wait for my annual renewal notice to switch to an arts license plate?

You don't have to wait for anyone! March over to your closest tag office and change your plate today! Show everyone how much the Arts mean to you.

Can I personalize the Arts license plate?

Yes, you can! As with all license plates, personalization costs more money, but you can personalize the "State of the Arts" plate just like you can any license plate.

Who designed the Arts license plate?

The "State of the Arts" tag was designed by contemporary American artist, Stephen Kline, in 1994. He moved to Ellenton, Florida, in 1991, and three years later created one of the most iconic license plate designs in the country. His design was chosen by an independent panel from among submissions by artists throughout the state.

When was the Arts license plate created?

The Florida Arts License Plate Program was created in 1994 by the state legislature. Funds collected through the sale of these specialty plates are distributed

to the counties where the plates are sold and are used to support arts organizations, programs, and activities within that county.


Each county has to designate a recipient organization to administer funds that support arts activities within that county. Bay Arts Alliance is the Bay County's official Local Arts Agency and the recipient of the funds. 


During the 2003 legislative session, Senate Bill 1954 passed, removing the Department of State from the revenue flow cycle for the Florida Arts License Plate Program.  As a result of the legislation, counties will receive money directly from the Department of Highway, Safety and Motor Vehicles, allowing for a much quicker disbursement of funds.

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